The IBM PC 5150 -- Getting It Just Right


The IBM PC 5150 -- Getting It Just Right

Video Channel: Adrian Black

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Current setup:

Information about the MP 6311 / HM6311Q Mono/CGA card I use:



You saw a little bit about my old IBM PC 5150 in my repair video, but let's take a deeper dive at this machine, how it was when I got it and how it is now.


Videos mentioned:

Repair of my IBM PC 5150 -

Fixing old hard drives with lubricant -

Removing Rust with Wheel Cleaner -



HMC HM6311Q / MP 6311 Mono/Color Graphics card - No information, see link above to jump to my video where I show the jumper configuration sheet.

IBM PC 5150 Rev A Information -

IBM Floppy Controller Versions -

Historical Memory Pricing -

XT-CF Lite Card -

mTCP DOS TCP Stack -

AST MegaPlus II with MegaPack Ram Card -

PC Limited ZM2 MFM Controller - Might be this card:

CCS Monochrome Display Adapter - Looks to be a "SuperVision" by California Computer Systems, supporting up to 132x44 text (

Clock Command I shows (look under generic) -