Tiago Romano from Drift Hobby shreds TAXI GARAGE crazy cart


Tiago Romano from Drift Hobby shreds TAXI GARAGE crazy cart

Video Channel: Taxi Garage

Tiago Romano from Drift Hobby in Brazil reached out to us here in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a custom TAXI GARAGE crazy cart. We upgraded this cart with our TG neck to be able to hold the 500W motor and speed controller. The 24V batteries weren't enough, so we sent him to STAGE 3 with our 36V pack. On top of that, knowing Tiago is a professional drifter we upgraded the rear casters with our in house design so he will be able to lock steering angle for longer and hold those long turns full send! We hope you enjoy brother (as you can tell from the instant smiles our carts grant you with) Needless to say we have 2x more in the works to send him.


Instagram: @taxigarage_ / @_tiagoromano



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