TOOVREN Car Cup Holder Mount For Smartphone/Tablet Review


TOOVREN Car Cup Holder Mount For Smartphone/Tablet Review

Video Channel: jaykay18

Originally recorded May 2, 2019.

A novel idea, this smartphone and tablet holder from TOOVREN fits in your car's cup holder. It fits all sizes of cup holder. A unique design feature allows you to turn the ring and the 3 pads come out to provide a sturdy fit for all size cup holders. If your cup holders are abnormally large, extra pads are included that will help you get the best fit.

Once the mount is in the cup holder, you just extend the piece out to fit your phone, and the spring will hold it in place. Or, if you do a lot of driving and need navigation, you can also mount your tablet in this holder, just press the buttons and it extends to fit up to a 10.5" tablet.

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