Top 10 Must-See Things at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)


Top 10 Must-See Things at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

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The Detroit Auto Show is pack full of cool cars, new technology, and interesting attractions. Check out our Top 10 Must-See things from the 2019 NAIAS.

1) 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – Under the hood is a Supercharged 5.2 Liter V-8 engine making over 700 horsepower. There are tons of goodies like crazy carbon fiber rims, a carbon fiber wing, and a new front fascia.
2) 2019 Ram 2500 HD Truck – Ram has created the Hellcat of trucks which manifests itself as a 1000 lb-ft. of torque monster that can tow up to 35,000 pounds.
3) GAC Motor hopes to be the first Chinese automaker to sell its product on the U.S. car market. GAC has a full slate of vehicles including an SUV, minivan, and sedan.
4) 2019 Subaru WRX STI S209 – Rejoice Subaru fans because for the first time in North America we are getting an S model. This model makes 341 horsepower thanks to a bigger turbo and bigger injectors.
5) Hyundai N-Line – Hyundai offers a performance-oriented line called the N-Line that adds more sport without the hefty price tag.
6) Kia Telluride – Kia has arrived with an 8-passenger SUV called the Telluride. Under the hood is a 3.8 liter V-6 engine that makes 291 horsepower.
7) Toyota Supra – In the late 1990’s Toyota had one heck of a great sports car on its hands with the MKIV Supra. It’s been a long wait and the 2020 GR Supra is finally here.
8) Lexus RC F Track Edition – Horsepower is up to 472 with added aero and carbon fiber making this a more aggressive machine overall.
9) Autonomous Vehicles – There are all sorts of urban autonomous vehicles on display the Detroit Auto show. Then you have a mix between a drone and a helicopter which look terrifying.
10) 1959 Cadillac El Dorado Convertible – We come to Detroit for the new car launches but often there are classic cars which catch our eyes.

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