treVolo S Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker Review Youtube


treVolo S Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker Review Youtube

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Great fidelity, clarity, and sparkling in mid/upper registers but lacks heavy bass and limited volume/focal range. SAVE 10% with exclusive promo codes below!

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In the box you'll receive the speaker, a power adapter base, a US outlet plug, a microfiber drawstring bag, and a quick start manual. The cord on the adapter is 5 ft long and the connector is a standard microUSB. The speaker itself is pretty hefty, weighing 2.25 lbs. It measures 6" x 3.75" x 2.5" when folded up. The sides of the speaker open up 90 degrees to reveal the amplifier panels at a full width of 8.5".

On the top of the speaker are the controls: an NFC pairing area, Play/Pause, mode, volume keys, Bluetooth pairing, and power button. On battery power can play continuously up to 18 hours, depending on volume level.

The speakers to reproduce sound accurately and cleanly with the mid to high frequency ranges projecting uniformly across the entire surface of the speaker. As a result, the sound has minimal distortion and is very realistic and crisp sounding. Compared to the 10% distortion rate of traditional speakers, the distortion rate of these speakers is less than 1%. It also performs very well and remains balanced at lower volumes, perfect for listeners who want to add some music to quiet spaces or just have some ambient noise in a relaxing environment. But don't be fooled, the speaker is able to produce louder volumes, certainly enough to fill a small room.

Although you get great fidelity in the mid and upper ranges, electrostatic drivers often struggle to produce low frequencies which is why there are dual 12W subwoofers on the front and two low frequency passive radiators on the sides to balance the sound from treble to bass. The panels' flat design tends to focus directly in front of the speaker and at the height of the speaker, often described as “beamy” by critics of electrostatic speakers. You can widen the sound stage by switching to 3D mode. There is a difference in the sound; there's a bit more depth, resonance, and bass response making the sound less flat.

The other thing you'll notice projection wise is that the sound radiates both from the front and back of the panels. Though if you're off to the sides, you'll notice a drop-off in sound. There are three methods of input for the speaker: Bluetooth, Aux-in, and USB. When multiple inputs are used the speaker chooses them by highest priority, starting with USB, then Aux-in, followed by Bluetooth.

The last feature I'll mention but couldn’t test is that you can pair to a second treVolo S for true stereo playback. The BenQ audio app will walk you through those steps as well as allow you to monitor the battery life and toggle 3D mode on and off

For a small portable Bluetooth speaker, the treVolo S has a beautiful design, decent volume range, and plenty of detail and fidelity especially in the mid and upper ranges; but it lacks a fuller bass response for folks who love heavy beats or club music and who need louder volumes to fill larger spaces. I found the listening experience to be quite pleasant and satisfying overall.

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