TRUCKS VS TREE STUMPS Compilation - Who Will Win?


TRUCKS VS TREE STUMPS Compilation - Who Will Win?

Video Channel: VIDSTORM

WHO WILL WIN? Best of Trucks vs Stumps. Toughest Dodge, Ford, Chevy Trucks and more pulling out tree stumps. Cool and funny ways to remove tree stumps with trucks. Some win and some fail when trucks take on stumps. #TrucksvsStumps #PullingPower #ToughTrucks

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For the full length unedited videos check links below:

Austin's shitty car pulling out a stump!

Old Sally Pulls Stump Up

Big Rig 18 wheeler VS tree stump

stump removal with junk car

Tree vs. Black Beast Full Version

Man vs. Stump - Part 1

My Land Rover Discovery 2 vs The big tree stump

DIY Tree Stump Removal With A Truck

Removing tree stump, Using Harbor Frieght 12000 lb. winch

Pulling tree root out with truck fail

Dads truck VS. Tree stump part 1

Stump Pulling

Dodge ram vs tree stump!!!! Epic

Massey Ferguson 35 Pulling Tree Stump out

Breaks windows pulling tree stump

Tree stump + Truck = Fail

Powerstroke pulling tree stump

F150 stump removal

Pulling Big Tree Stump with 454 Suburban

John Deere Tractor Pulling a Stump (Part 1)

Removing a tree stump with a Super Stock Pulling Tractor!

Dolphus and the Red Tractor (Ronald Rousting a Stump) Farmall M Delight

1948 Ford Tractor Pulls Out a Stump (The Wrong Way)

Tree Is Not Going Down Without A Fight

Toyota pulling out stump

1993 Z71 pulls out tree stump

deuce pulling out stump

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