Turbo BUSA vs Turbo Viper, NO PREP, Drag Races, Drifting & MORE!

Turbo BUSA vs Turbo Viper, NO PREP, Drag Races, Drifting & MORE!

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Roll Racing - No Prep - Drag Racing - CRAZY Burnout Contest - Drifting - Modern Automotive Performance’s “Proving Grounds” is an adrenaline filled weekend full of anything automotive & takes place across this 3 day day event held at Brainerd International Raceway up north in Brainerd, Minnesota! MAPerformance brings the fun to life for anyone and everyone with project cars, drift machines, or full blown race cars. Not only is the weekend filled with intensity and horsepower, but BIR houses condo’s on site so diehard enthusiasts can stay on site all weekend and never need to leave the party! Concert stages at night, road course and drag strip by day, and tandem night drifting provide a seamless experience for drivers, passengers, and spectators alike! MA Performance is a long time sponsor of 1320Video, which makes this event very cool for us to attend and watch grow year after year! We have a feeling that “Proving Grounds” in 2020 is going to be one you don’t want to miss!

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