Uber Driver RACES Range Rover L322 Across Daytona Beach!!


Uber Driver RACES Range Rover L322 Across Daytona Beach!!

Video Channel: Breakdown Automotive

This is by far one of my favorite challenges we've done! In this video, we're going head to head with an Uber driver racing across Daytona Beach, Florida to see what is actually faster - taking an Uber or driving yourself! This is a challenge that I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I'm extremely excited that we can finally create content like this Uber driver racing the Range Rover across town! And of course, the loser buys lunch. ๐Ÿ˜
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More About This Video

In today's video, we're racing against the clock to see who can get to the destination the fastest. Nic will be taking an Uber from the Dunlawton Ave Bridge in Daytona Beach, Fl all the way out to Miami Grill. I'll be taking a completely different route in the L322 Range Rover to see if I can beat the Uber in this race.

Huge thanks to the Uber/Lyft driver that took on the challenge! It was a ton of fun to get to record this video and race across town taking different routes. We're both extremely grateful that we found a driver who was willing to take on the challenge of racing against the Range Rover.

I'm excited to do more races with Uber/Lyft. Next week, we'll be putting the two companies head to head in a challenge where we test out Uber vs Lyft.

Thanks for all of the support with the channel over the last couple of months while we've been getting settled in. I'm so excited to be back fully and be able to create videos that I'm excited to share and record. I loved getting to record this video with an Uber driver racing across town to beat the Range Rover L322!

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