Unboxing A Touchscreen USB-C Portable Monitor That Just Works!


Unboxing A Touchscreen USB-C Portable Monitor That Just Works!

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Portable USB-C monitors are fantastic pieces of tech. Having a second screen on the go with no need for power or anything more than a USB-C cable is not only productivity-boosting: it is freeing. Not long ago a multi-monitor setup was relegated to a desk setup and you simply lost that extra screen real estate when on the go.

Today, we're unboxing a device that solves both of these issues and comes from a company we've honestly never heard of. I don't know much of anything about WIMAXIT, but I can tell you that this portable monitor is brighter than any that I've used and the touch input out of the box JUST WORKS. No drivers, no installs, no work whatsoever.


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