Using a 13-year-old Laptop in 2018


Using a 13-year-old Laptop in 2018

Video Channel: Sebi's Random Tech

Hey guys! In today's video we're taking a deep look at the Lenovo ThinkPad T60, the first flagship ThinkPad to be released by Lenovo! This laptop was released in January 2006, making it almost 13 years old as of making this video. So like any sane person would do, I'm upgrading the crap out of it to make it my daily driver! We're going to use it for schoolwork, web-browsing, video editing, and gaming. You know, the stuff every college student does!

Sorry about the long wait, I had meant to upload this video about a month ago but between schoolwork and getting sick I was a little sidetracked. You can kind of hear my voice is a tad weaker than usual in the narration for this video, but I'm getting better! Just got the Fall Plague like I always manage to. More videos coming soon! Thanks for watching!

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