What can you do with a $20 laptop?


What can you do with a $20 laptop?

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I picked up an old ThinkPad 600X for $20 - now what to do with it? In this video I talk about fixing up and giving new life to old computer hardware - and yes, games are a big part of that (even on a ThinkPad!). I also install Linux to see if a modern OS can run on a Pentium III-450.

btw, I realize a lot of you guys are trying to help with the drivers, but please note that I am looking for *DOS* drivers for the CrystalSound Fusion CS4624, and *not* the driver "diskette" that IBM released. This is because that's only for systems with a floppy drive (which mine does not have) - you can't extract that without a floppy drive, nor can you do it under Windows 10 (which I at least have a USB floppy on). I already have the Windows 95/98 driver; I need the DOS driver, but I can't install it via a floppy, nor through Windows 3.1. I'm still looking for any possible solution to this, even more than a year (and dozens of comments with links that I've already seen) later. Thanks for your efforts, but I've already done the quick Google searches you guys are doing.

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