Whats on My iPhone 6s | 2019


Whats on My iPhone 6s | 2019

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*If you're new to my channel....Welcome!*

-I love you guys sooo much!-

Social Media:
Tik Tok - Private (sorry)
Snapchat - Private
Vigo Video (aesthetic account) - Sunset
Pinterest - Kylie **(heart)**
Funimate - jackaboi_strangerthings

Fast Q&A
How old are you? - I'm going to be 13 in less than a month
Do you have Tik Tok? - Yes, but its only for friends and family
Can we collab? - Sorry, no
What grade are you in? - 7th. About to be in 8th
What do you use to edit? - iMovie
What do you rec with? - My iPhone 6s, My grandpas iPhone 7 plus, and sometimes OBS on my laptop

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