Which iPad should you buy in 2019?


Which iPad should you buy in 2019?

Video Channel: Max Tech

We compare literally everything between every iPad in Apple's 2019 iPad lineup. This is the most comprehensive iPad Comparison Guide you'll find!
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2018 iPad Pro ($50 off SALE) ➡ http://geni.us/2Enel

Design Differences - 0:44
Display Comparison - 2:15
ProMotion on iPad Pro - 3:29
Apple Pencil 1 vs 2 - 3:59
Speaker Comparison - 4:20
Camera Comparison - 5:05
Performance Comparison - 5:50
Gaming Comparison - 7:05
Other Spec Differences - 7:48
Which iPad Should You Buy? - 8:06

This is the ultimate comparison guide to buying a new iPad in 2019! We don't think Apple will release another iPad until 2020, so this is it!

We're gonna compare everything from design, display technology, speakers, cameras, performance, gaming, specs and more!

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