Which Mac to Buy in 2019? MacBook vs Air vs Pro!


Which Mac to Buy in 2019? MacBook vs Air vs Pro!

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Which MacBook to buy in 2019: Guide to each Apple laptop to find out which one is right for you (MacBook vs MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro)
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In this video I'll explain which MacBook to buy in 2019. Apple laptops are some of the best laptops. I've owned a Mac laptop for almost 9 years. They're very high quality, from the trackpad to the software to the retina displays and more, but also usually more expensive than other laptops but it's worth it if you know what you're getting. Currently there are 3 MacBook models: MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.

* Apple's 12" screen laptop; Base model starts at $1299
* Available in 3 colors: gold, space gray, and silver
* Base model has 7th-Gen 1.2GHz Intel Core m3 mobile processor; configurable to dual-core i5 or i7
* 8GB RAM (up to 16GB) and 256GB SSD (up to 512GB)
Get MacBook if you
* Care about looks more than performance (sexy; IPS Retina display with 226 ppi; colors)
* Want something ultra portable & mobile; Apple's thinnest lightest laptop (2 lbs and up to 10 hours battery life)
* Want the smallest screen of any Apple laptop (12" diagonal)
* Only run basic applications, nothing too CPU dependent (base model has mobile processor)
* Don't need a lot of ports (only 1 USB-C port for charging/input/output)
* Don't mind having a crappy webcam (only 480p)

13” MacBook Air
* Comes in 3 configurations starting at $999, $1199 & $1399. Comes in same colors as MacBook: Gold, Space Gray, Silver
* 8GB RAM (up to 16GB); 128GB SSD (up to 256GB, 512GB, or 1.5TB)
* With the Air you have 2 main versions: the older standard display non-Retina version and the latest Retina display version with Touch ID, the latest-generation keyboard, and a Force Touch trackpad.
Get 13” non-Retina MacBook Air if you:
* Have the lowest budget (Apple's most affordable laptop since it doesn’t have a Retina display or latest hardware)
* Want the widest variety of legacy ports (still has USB-A ports, SD card slot and MagSafe port)
Get 13” Retina MacBook Air if you:
* Care about battery life more than anything (up to 13 hours of use which is the longest battery life of any current Apple laptop)
* Want the small thin lightweight design similar to the 12” MacBook for travel & on-the-go work but you need the better performance & features like the louder speakers and better webcam (720p HD)
* Want the best display without spending more to get a Pro model (Retina Air has over 4 million pixels w/ higher pixel density than 12” Retina MacBook)
* Want the newest MacBook model with the latest 8th Gen Intel processor (released Late 2018 which is the most recent release out of all the current Apple laptops)
* Fine with having only two USB-C ports total for the entire laptop
* Want the most environmental friendly Mac (made from 100% recycled aluminum)

MacBook Pro
* Comes in silver or space gray. 13" starting at $1299 (non-TouchBar) & $1799 w/ TouchBar. 15” w/ Touchbar starts at $2399
* All MacBook Pro models (13” & 15”) have an IPS Retina display (13" has 227ppi; 15" has 220ppi) and all get up to 10 hours battery life
* Have 8th-Gen Intel processors; up to quad-core on 13” and up to 6-cores on 15”

Choose MacBook Pro if you
* Value performance over everything. The Pro lineup has the fastest speeds of all Apple laptops (for professional work)
* Need the most internal storage: 13" starts at 128GB SSD (configurable up to 2TB); 15" starts at 256GB SSD (configurable to 4TB)
* Want the best/brightest display & best speakers out of all Apple laptops
* Often multi-task
* Run CPU-intensive or graphics-intensive applications like photography, coding, HD & 4K video editing, 3D graphics, and certain gaming (For best graphics performance get 15" which has dedicated Radeon Pro GPU with up to 4GB memory)
* Don't mind having a slightly bigger laptop compared to the other MacBook models
* Have a large budget (expensive)

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