Why this is the perfect PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY angle - Proven by SCIENCE


Why this is the perfect PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY angle - Proven by SCIENCE

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We wanted to find the ACTUAL PROVEN prefect portrait photography set so we turned to SCIENCE. If you are a professional photographer or you are looking at photography for beginners this is SUPER interesting.
See the Final Images HERE - http://goo.gl/JgpNcD

So Grab a cup of tea sit back and let me do some science for you :)

I have done some extensive testis on what its the nest Portrait photography angle. To do this we used some science (we use that term lightly) by adding a number of very specific control points. This allowed us to find out what the perfect portrait photography angle is. I think you are going to really enjoy the findings here. Our desire we to find the best portrait photography settings and the best camera setup for portraits.

In this Portrait Tutorial and Headshot tutorial we talk through the best camera settings and then how we used control points to test or theories using the science of photography.
In my opinion known got best angle to shoot from and WHY when doing Portrait photography is going to help any photographer beginner.
Headshot photography and portrait photography tips are all very similar so you can use these rules when looking at headshot photography lighting or even whats the best best portrait lens
We used a very standard Clamshell Headshot lighting setup in the attempt to find the very best best portrait photography angle. This is just one of my photography tutorials for beginners and you kind find lots of other photography tips and tricks on my channel

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