Xiaomi 70Mai PRO - Is it the new BEST budget Dashcam? [unboxing, review & samples]


Xiaomi 70Mai PRO - Is it the new BEST budget Dashcam? [unboxing, review & samples]

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The 70 Mai is back with the PRO version.
Packaging is comparable to last year’s 70 Mai. Black box, with space utilization brought to the possible maximum.
Size of the device is bigger because of the added screen. Not touch – which I so much appreciate! This button navigation feels so natural that you don’t even need to get used to it. Simple, clean, menus are tidy, only the necessary stuff. We can see the obvious differences on the outside, now let’s move on to the inside. I am not going to disassemble, and even without doing so, we know – Huawei chipset - Hi3556V100 – the same one is powering the ultra popular yi lite action camera. Sensor is severely upgraded too – IMX 335 f/1.8. A 5 megapixel sensor which is among the newest used in dashcams and the 70 mai pro is one of the first on the market featuring this technology. For something that new – it seems to be adopted pretty well. Resolution support is up to 1944p, which is a little weird, but let’s say – 1440p is there from these that you know better, and of course FULL HD. MicroSD card support goes as high as 64GB.

The hardware is apparently high grade, let’s see how it works in real life and – of course – let’s discuss the software goodies – Parking mode is available. To use it – you need hard wiring.
This parking mode is of course optional, but nice to have. The software now supports WDR – giving slight improvement of the footage, voice control, improved night vision performance, and Advanced Driver-Assistance System. I am still about to test the ADAS – because it requires a GPS module which I don’t have yet. And the ADAS technology can be very helpful to avoid collisions, to park easily or to just get a warning you are about to leave the lane. On theory sounds good, and sort of explains the powerful chipset that is inside this little beast.

As for installation – takes literally a few minutes. Also, the way it is being installed places the pro much closer to the windschield, as opposed to its predecessor, and this will reduce any reflections coming from the glass and even dirt won’t be that noticeable.
You are now the jury for the footage – and feel free to share your verdict in the comments below. If wondering about my opinion – I like what I see. Usually second generations tend to be a huge fiasco, deffinetely not for the 70 mai PRO. Kind of twice more in terms of price, and in return you get a nice display with super easy to use function buttons, upgraded sensor, chipset and lens, better mount mechanism, smarter functions and an upgrade possibility – adding a hardwire for parking monitoring, and gps for enabling Advanced Driver-Assistance System. For just 69 in US currency – this is quite tempting. Looks like at this very moment this may be the perfect balance between price, build quality and features.
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