Yamaha MT-10 SP First Ride Review


Yamaha MT-10 SP First Ride Review

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** It has come to my attention that despite asking for a standard MT-10, the idiot salesman has given me an SP model without telling me. So this bike actually costs almost 17,000€. Also the standard MT-10 doesn’t have the colour TFT or the electronically controlled Öhlins suspension. **

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Yamaha MT-10. 998cc of Crossplane Four cylinder wheely pulling monstrousness!

Curious to see how much improvement Yamaha have made since 2006 when Yamaha first robbed the engine from an R1 and made my FZ1, I swung a leg over an MT-10 and went for a blast!

Still sharing the engine from the current R1, the MT-10 has 160bhp and 111Nm of torque to play with, but in a more ergonomically relaxed and considerably more comfortable layout.

So stay tuned and see how I get on with this notoriously feisty Master of Torque!!

This video was in NO way supported or endorsed by Yamaha. I even had to pay for the petrol myself!! But then that shows just how much value the German dealerships put on making potential customers enjoy their experience!! 🤣🤣 #SalesFail
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