Yamaha new motorbike ll Niken Motorbike ll New bike Review ll MSR News


Yamaha new motorbike ll Niken Motorbike ll New bike Review ll MSR News

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Three wheeled motorbikes coming in the market in the Bahari-style bike market It has been named 'Niiken'.

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Japan-based transportation manufacturer Yamaha Motorcycles have prepared. Which is coming to the market very soon. The word niiken means 'sword of the Japanese'.
Yamaha shows 850 cc bikes in the 45th Annual Tokyo Motor Show. The Bike Lining Multi Wheeler (LMDW) technology has been used.

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 Primarily, the price of the bike is not known. However, Yamaha said the 'Niikeen' bike size is 2150mm long, 885mm width and height is 1250mm. It has four stroke transmission boxes.


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